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Living Family Journal Software version 4.2

Interactive Software Solutions, LP worked alongside LifeSteps, Inc. to develop the current version of the Living Family Journal and launch it to the masses worldwide.  The CEO of LifeSteps, Inc. used other companies in the past, but those companies could not help his vision turn into a reality.   We sat down with LifeSteps and listened to exactly what they needed in the Living Family Journal software package.  We worked side-by-side with LifeSteps and developed a software package that met their exact specifications.  We believe in the vision set forth for the Living Family Journal, so we will continue to work and grow with LifeSteps for years to come.

What is the Living Family Journal?

The Living Family Journal provides peace of mind by organizing and updating your personal, medical, legal, financial and other family information from the convenience of your computer. Never again will there be a need to search filing cabinets, desk drawers, or hall closets to locate important information.

Would You Like To Purchase This Software?

Please visit the Living Family Journal website to purchase this software. There is also a section that allows for a download of a "Free Trial", so you can try before you buy.

Don’t take our word for it...

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